steered sled, steered sledge, sled, sledge

  • Significantly reduced risk of accidents through falls or collisions when compared to traditional tobogganing (we still advise use of a ski helmet)

  • Precision turning, no over- or understeer thanks to the non-slip skids

  • Easy to bring to halt with its highly effective braking mechanism

  • Normally stops by itself after a fall

  • Locking Brakes when not in use

  • Safe for use with tow/T-bar/disc lifts (lift system available separately)

  • Front and back lighting for night tobogganing (white and red LEDs available separately)

    Tobogganing with PISTENBOCK > User Guide

steered sled, steered sledge, sled, toboggan, sledge
The steered sled for adults and children is easy to ride